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Cisco UCS 64108 Fabric Interconnect Deep Dive

Today we are going to take a look at one of the newest additions to the Cisco UCS family, the Cisco UCS 64108 Fabric Interconnect.  Don’t miss my Introduction to Cisco UCS Architecture, which talks about how all of the Cisco ... Read More

Cisco UCS Platform Emulator 4.1(2cPE1)

Recently, Cisco released version 4.1(2cPE1) of the Cisco UCS Platform Emulator.  Let’s take a closer look at what is in this release, and try something new. All About Cisco UCS Platform Emulator 4.1(2CPE1) This version of the Cisco UCS Platform ... Read More

VeeamON 2020 & Technology General Session Recap

VeeamON 2020 is upon us, and I’ve been very busy preparing! I want to take a few moments to recap the Technology General Session, and a few other highlights from VeeamON 2020. If you didn’t manage to catch everything live, ... Read More

My Favorite Veeam Backup for AWS v2 Features

Veeam Backup for AWS v2 is now available. You can head right on over to the AWS Marketplace, and deploy it completely FREE and protect up to 10 instances.  Beyond that, there are a number of flexible licensing options.  You ... Read More

All About VMware’s vSphere Bitfusion

When it comes to AL/ML workloads, things are a little different than many traditional infrastructure people are used to.  When we talk about virtualization, we tend to focus on three key areas: compute, network, and storage. Network and storage are ... Read More

How to View vCenter Logs

Recently I had to take a look at some vCenter logs, and I realized logs are not something I have talked about that much, especially when it comes to vCenter.  The truth is that we can learn quite a bit ... Read More

My Favorite Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure Features

Veeam recently released Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure, the solution for protecting cloud native workloads in Microsoft Azure.  You can deploy it from the Azure Marketplace and start protecting cloud native workloads for free today! Now, I want to to ... Read More

How to Patch vCenter

Did you know patches come out for VMware vCenter, just like any other component of your infrastructure?  While we usually refer to these as updates in VMware lingo, patches do come out on a regular basis and should be applied ... Read More

All About Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager in VAS v10

While Veeam Backup Enterprise manager received a massive face lift in Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4, it also received a few enhancements in Veeam Availability Suite v10. First of all, let me start out by letting you know this ... Read More

How to Upgrade ESXi 6.x to 7 with vSphere Lifecycle Manager

Another round of vSphere upgrades are upon us, and vSphere brings some changes with the introduction of vSphere Lifecycle Manager.  vSphere 7 brings a whole slew of new features, especially when it comes to managing the lifecycle of your vSphere ... Read More