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How to Run Kali Linux on All VMware Platforms

Kali Linux is a popular and powerful Linux distribution that comes with many security tools built right in.  If you have ever head of BackTrack, BackTrack became Kali Linux in 2013.  It is a Debian based distribution.  A distribution like Kali is important for security professionals because it comes with so many tools baked into […]

Cisco IT Blog Awards 2019 Finalist: Best Analysis

I am pleased to announce I am a finalist in the Best Analysis category in the 2019 Cisco IT Blog Awards! This is the first year I have submitted vMiss.net for the Cisco IT Blog Awards.  I have been a Cisco Champion since 2015, and have spent much of my career working with Cisco Data […]

Is VMware ESXi Free?

When it comes to VMware vSphere as a whole, VMware ESXi, or the VMware vSphere Hypervisor is a critical component.  Often people ask me “Is ESXi free?”  The answer may surprise you, because it is “Yes!”  Let’s take a closer look at the requirements and features of the free version of ESXi, and some use […]

Coming Soon: Veeam Availability Orchestrator v3

I am excited to share the news that Veeam Availability Orchestrator v3 is coming soon to a data center near you.  If you do not already know, I am a Technologist at Veeam Software, and Veeam Availability Orchestrator, also known as VAO, is one of the products I focus on. VAO and vMiss, A History […]

How to Use Veeam Backup from Storage Snapshots

One of the things I have always found amazing with Veeam is the Backup from Storage Snapshots feature.  The quick description of this amazing feature is that it performs your backup from your storage snapshot versus a vSphere snapshot.   While it still takes a VMware snapshot of your virtual machine, the snapshot is open […]

How to Set up NetApp NFS and VMware vSphere Datastores: A Quick Guide

I recently was setting up a lab, and my goal was to get it up and running as quickly as possible to do some testing.  I think we have all been in this boat at one time or another. The setup I was working with was a small nested vSphere environment and the NetApp simulator. […]

What is Cisco Intersight?

When it comes to Cisco UCS systems, I have talked quite a bit about how powerful Cisco UCS Manager is for managed UCS solutions.  Imagine for a moment if you could turbocharge UCS Manager, and also make Cisco UCS servers using CIMC easier to manage, and take care your Cisco HypefFlex environment too.  Wouldn’t that […]

How to Patch a VMware ESXi Host Using Update Manager

Keeping your VMware patches up to date is a critical aspect of maintaining your VMware vSphere environment.  Luckily, VMware vSphere Update Manager makes this very simple to do for a number of your VMware vSphere components.  Let’s take a closer look at how to patch ESXi host using Update Manager. Before Patching ESXi First things first, before […]

How to Upgrade the vCenter Server Appliance to vSphere 6.7 U3

I wrote this quick post to talk about how quick and easy it is to upgrade your VMware vCenter Server Appliance to vSphere 6.7 U3.  It took longer for me to write and format this post than it did for my actual VCSA upgrade! How to Upgrade the VCSA to 6.7 U3 First things first, […]

VMware from A to Z

Welcome to the VMware alphabet!  When we think about VMware, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the VMware vSphere data center virtualization platform.  The truth is there is much more to VMware than the ever classic vSphere! Think of this as a quick, easy, and fun way to learn more about VMware […]