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How to View vCenter Logs

Recently I had to take a look at some vCenter logs, and I realized logs are not something I have talked about that much, especially when it comes to vCenter.  The truth is that we can learn quite a bit ... Read More

My Favorite Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure Features

Veeam recently released Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure, the solution for protecting cloud native workloads in Microsoft Azure.  You can deploy it from the Azure Marketplace and start protecting cloud native workloads for free today! Now, I want to to ... Read More

How to Patch vCenter

Did you know patches come out for VMware vCenter, just like any other component of your infrastructure?  While we usually refer to these as updates in VMware lingo, patches do come out on a regular basis and should be applied ... Read More

All About Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager in VAS v10

While Veeam Backup Enterprise manager received a massive face lift in Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4, it also received a few enhancements in Veeam Availability Suite v10. First of all, let me start out by letting you know this ... Read More

How to Upgrade ESXi 6.x to 7 with vSphere Lifecycle Manager

Another round of vSphere upgrades are upon us, and vSphere brings some changes with the introduction of vSphere Lifecycle Manager.  vSphere 7 brings a whole slew of new features, especially when it comes to managing the lifecycle of your vSphere ... Read More

vRealize 8.1 and Cloud Enhance the VMware User Experience

With VMware’s new product releases, the vRealize Management suite is getting an overhaul with cloud operations in mind. vRealize 8.1 is all about supporting modern applications and cloud platforms.  It is about making the experience for customers consistent across their ... Read More

Introducing VMware vCenter Server Update Planner

One of the vCenter Server features I am most excited with when it comes to vSphere 7 is vCenter Server Update Planner.   I’ve talked quite a bit about upgrading VMware products on this blog, especially when it comes to ... Read More

VMware Cloud Foundation 4 Accelerates the Hybrid Cloud Journey

The multiple VMware product releases of March 10, 2020 are all about application modernization. What is more modern than an organization’s hybrid cloud strategy? A major part of this release is an update to VMware’s Cloud Foundation. Introducing VMware Cloud ... Read More

vSphere 7 with Kubernetes Changes the Game

There has been a fundamental shift in the way we look at our IT infrastructures since the early days of virtualization, especially when consolidation was taking place. If you don’t remember the many hours of care and feeding as we ... Read More

Why These Are My Favorite vSphere 7 Features

Another VMware vSphere release is here!  On March 10, 2020 VMware vSphere 7 was released.   In the spirit of this new VMware vSphere version, I want to focus on a couple of my favorite vSphere 7 features.  We will ... Read More